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Tracy Pawelski


Carlisle, PA - Did you know U.S. consumers use an estimated 100 billion plastic shopping bags each year - 99% of which are never recycled? Giant Food Stores and Martin's Food Markets have joined with California-based Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. to launch a reusable shopping bag program at all of their stores. The reusable, polypropylene bags retail for just 99 cents and were made available to customers beginning August 19.

"Reusable shopping bags reduce the number of plastic bags in the environment. We have added this option for our customers to encourage conservation and reuse, and reduce waste. We believe that one less bag makes a difference," said Jodie Daubert, vice president for general merchandise, health and beauty care, and fuel. "As an added convenience, these bags hold more groceries than the typical plastic grocery bag and are great for carrying just about anything from groceries to gym clothes."

Earthwise's durable grocery bags are reusable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and water-repellent. In addition they are lightweight, washable and completely resistant to corrosion. They are large enough to carry more groceries than a typical grocery bag and have strong handles and a square bottom that won't easily tip over in the car. A single Earthwise bag can hold more than three plastic bags' worth of groceries, significantly cutting down on the approximately 900 plastic bags the average American household uses in a one year.

"Earthwise bags are a win-win because they are not only environmentally-friendly, but consumer friendly as well," explained Steven Batzofin, co-founder and vice president of Earthwise. "They serve a dual mission of helping stores reduce the growing costs of supplying disposable bags and cut down on waste, while also helping promote environmental awareness and conservation among consumers at the same time."

The reusable bags are merchandized on racks approaching the checkout, at the self-checkout and next to the cashier in each of the checkout aisles.

"When we introduced EasyShop in many of our stores, we learned that customers liked the reusable bag and grew accustomed to the habit of bringing their bags back to the store each time they shopped," said Daubert. "We hope that we will be able to remind customers to use their bags each time they shop."

All Giant and Martin's stores will continue to encourage customers to recycle plastic bags by bringing them back to the store. These bags are recycled by Winchester, Virginia-based Trex and turned into Trex decking and railing, the leading brand of alternative decking lumber in North America.

About Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. Earthwise is on a mission to help save the environment - one plastic bag at a time. The company's line of reusable shopping bags and wine totes reduce waste by offering an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable plastic and paper shopping bags. Earthwise bags are available at more than 3,000 grocery stores, wine shops, drug stores, and other retailers across the country. Earthwise also supports various environmental and non-profit organizations to help them increase awareness and raise funds Earthwise encourages everyone to be "earthwise" and to "Choose to Reuse". For more information, visit

About Giant Food Stores Giant Food Stores, LLC, one of the leading supermarket operations in the U.S., currently operates stores in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia under the names of Giant Food Stores, TOPS Markets, Martin's Food Markets and FoodSource. As a company, Giant is proud to work with hundreds of local organizations in the communities it serves and has a long-standing commitment to eradicate hunger and improve the quality of life for children. For more information about Giant Food Stores, visit

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