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Easy Home Cooking
with Seafood (.pdf, 4.1mb)

Fresh from the shore, straight to our store!

That’s the promise you’ll get when you shop at the Seafood Market at MARTIN’S. We offer everything from mussels, crab and seafood salads to boneless fillets, lobster and ready-to-cook meals! You can count on only the freshest, top quality seafood every time you shop, and every purchase you make is backed by our Double Your Money Back guarantee.

Special Orders

Can’t find the seafood item you’re looking for at MARTIN’S? We’ll get it for you! Simply ask a member of our staff about the selection you need and we’ll do our best to have the freshest choice available for you in our store within two days.

It’s just one more way MARTIN’S offers you the best service and the freshest selection every day

At MARTIN’S, we also adhere to the highest standards when it comes to our commitment to sustainability. We are proud of our partnership with the New England Aquarium, which allows us to provide our customers with quality seafood choices while investing in our world’s natural resources. Learn More »

Sustainable Choice Responsibly Farmed
Farm raised Sustainable choice seafood uses better production practices to control factors like waste; these practices may be verified by qualifying eco-certification programs.
Farmed Tilapia (Fresh)
  • Farmed in ponds which are monitored to ensure they minimize environmental impact.
  • Considered an ocean-friendly choice by the New England Aquarium

Sustainable Choice Responsibly Fished
The following criteria are evaluated for all wild-caught fishes with the Sustainable Choice logo: fishery management, stock status, bycatch, habitat impacts. Please click the links below for more information.
Alaska Pollock
  • Mid-water trawl gear used to catch Alaska pollock is not in constant contact with the seafloor saving the seafloor habitats from extensive damage.
  • Considered an ocean-friendly choice by the New England Aquarium
Alaska Sockeye Salmon
  • Fishing gear used to catch Alaska salmon does little damage to seafloor habitats.
  • Considered an ocean-friendly choice by the New England Aquarium
Pacific Cod (Previously Frozen)
  • Fishing gear used to catch Pacific cod does little damage to the ocean floor.
  • Considered an ocean-friendly choice by the New England Aquarium
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